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Looking for quick cash? At Uptown Pawn we understand that emergencies happen and that people need cash quickly.  Uptown Pawn offers cash loans and other creative financial solutions to residents from Minneapolis, St. Paul and surrounding Twin Cities area for the last 20 years.  It does not matter why you want to sell your item or decide to get a quick cash loan against it, be assured at Uptown Pawn you will always be treated fairly. Bring in your quality merchandise to our professional staff and we are here to give you the best price for your merchandise and get cash in your hands the same day.

Uptown Pawn makes renewable 30-60-90 day loans from $25-$250,000. We lend our customers the highest possible amounts based on an aggressive valuation system. Our goal is to satisfy our customers need for cash quickly, no credit check, and virtually 100% approval rate. We pride ourselves in offering fair and reasonable terms, no matter if you wish to borrow $50.00 or $5000.00

When you pawn your items at Uptown Pawn, we can give you a pawn loan based on the items full value.  This payout is higher than the selling offer.  The item remains your property, until the loan is paid off.


A pawn loan is a collateral loan. Money is lent in exchange for quality items of value, with the loan amount based on that item’s value. The item is returned when the loan is paid off, or the item can be surrendered as payment in full.

When you bring an item to Uptown Pawn for a pawn loan, we will inspect the item and determine its product value. Our loan amounts vary depending on the item’s value. Uptown Pawn always seeks to pay the most for all items. Whether it’s Gold, Jewelry, Diamonds, Watches, Electronics, Laptops, Computers, Video Games, Televisions, Musical Instruments, Bikes, Tools, or Gift Cards.

Once you accept the pawn loan, you will get cash in your hands the same day and we will have a set period of time in which to repay your loan. Once you return to pay back the loan, we will return your item immediately.

When your item is in pawn, you do still own it. Uptown Pawn takes responsibility to keep your items safe and in good condition.

Looking to get a cash loan by pawning your quality merchandise?  Fill out form below and get in contact with Uptown Pawn and we will get you the cash you are looking for or stop into Uptown Pawn with the items you want to pawn and we are happy to give you an estimate.


Questions about Buying? Selling? or Pawning? 

Stop in to our location on Lake Street, send us an email or give us a call at 612-823-3001


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